Day of DH 2016

Earlier this month, I participated in my third Day of DH, an international project designed to have digital humanists share what they do for a day.

I felt like I had even less time this year to live blog/tweet my day, and to read about others’ activities – April is definitely the cruellest month in academia, and as you’ll see in my Day of DH 2016 site, this was a particularly full day for me. You can read my Day of DH 2016 blog here (and see more about my Day of DH’s in 2014 and 2015), or peruse the #DayofDH2016 Twitter feed here.

Day of DH 2015

Earlier this week, I participated in my second Day of DH, an international project designed to have digital humanists share what they do for a day (in answer to the perennial “What exactly is digital humanities, anyway?”).

Although the constant blogging and tweeting can be time-consuming, I really enjoyed the opportunity to hear more about other DH-ers’ work and share my own. You can read my Day of DH 2015 blog here (and see more about my Day of DH in 2014 here), or peruse the #DayofDH2015 Twitter feed here.

Year One

Last week marked my one year anniversary of moving to North Carolina and taking up my position as the Associate Archivist of Davidson College. I’ve written a bit in here before about all of the Big Life Changes that have occurred over the past year and half or so (completing two graduate degrees, moving 900 miles, etc.), but anniversaries always seem like particularly apropos times to reflect, so, here’s a few of the things I’ve done over the past year (get ready for a long-ish post!):


Probably the most enjoyable part of my job is that I get to work on a vast array of different projects and initiatives – there’s always something happening in the small (three FTE) Archives & Special Collections working group. We’re a constant hub of energy and ideas, and much of that is down to the amazing people I work with – the College Archivist & Records Management Coordinator (Jan) and the Special Collections Outreach Librarian (Sharon) have a combined 55 years of Davidson work experience, so their institutional memories and knowledge are invaluable. But even more important (to me, at least!) is their total willingness to try new things, play around with ideas, and listen to the new person in the room. Though I work most closely with Jan and Sharon, my larger department at the library (Discovery Systems) is similarly inventive and friendly, and I’ve met and begun collaborating with lots of amazing people around campus and around the state. I love working in such a supportive unit, AND they frequently bring in snacks to share – I’m living the dream, you guys.

When I came into work last Wednesday, Jan and Sharon had placed this incredibly heartwarming whiteboard in front of my office:

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