Studying in the Library: A Picture Post

Tomorrow is Reading Day, which means finals are just around the corner for Davidson College students. Students do their work in a variety of locations, although the library has always been a popular study spot – there have been four libraries throughout the history of the college: Union Library (a consolidation of the literary societies library collections in Old Chambers Building, 1861 – 1910), Carnegie Library (now the Carnegie Guest House, 1910 – 1941), Hugh A. and Jane Parks Grey Library (now the Sloan Music Center, 1941 – 1974), and E.H. Little Library (1974 – present). This week, we reflect on images of students studying in the library throughout the years:

Three students at a table in the Carnegie Library (now Carnegie Guest House), circa 1916.
A crowded studying scene in Carnegie Library, 1917.
Students working at a table in the old Davidsoniana room in Grey Library, date unknown.
A busy day in the reading room of Grey Library, circa 1960.
A more somber nighttime scene in the Grey Library reading room, circa 1960.
A student studies at a table in Grey Library (now Sloan Music Center) while wearing cowboy boots, 1968.
Students read in the Grey Library smoking lounge, date unknown.
A student reads in front of the large windows in Little Library, circa early 1970s.
A group of students gather at the circulation desk in Little Library, September 18, 1974.
Students study on the upper and lower levels of E.H. Little Library, 1977.
Three students work in an aisle of Little Library, circa early 1980s.
Two students study by a window on the first floor of Little Library, with Chambers visible in the background, 1980s.
A student uses the microfilm reader in Little Library, circa 1980s.
Two students use a computer in Little Library, circa 1993.

Good luck to all Wildcats on their final exams, papers, projects, and theses!

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