Recommended Readings on Archives for Davidson Students

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Howard Zinn. “Secrecy, Archives, and the Public Interest.” From Midwestern Archivist II, no. 2, 1977.

GSLIS Talks: Ideas Worth Spreading

While serving as Vice-President of Simmons College GSLIS (now SLIS) Library and Information Science Student Association (LISSA), I planned two TED-style events, inviting library and information science faculty to give short talks on a topic of their choosing (the prompt was either to discuss their current research, or an issue that they thought was of importance to the profession).

Spring 2012 (April 27, 2012)

Spring 2012 was the first semester that GSLIS Talks debuted, orchestrated by myself and my co-VP (Erin Bazar Smith). The GSLIS Media Lab recorded the talks:

Fall 2012 (December 7, 2012)

At the end of the Fall 2012, I planned another GSLIS Talks event. The GSLIS Media Lab again recorded the talks – listen to them in a single recording here. The six speakers for this round were:

  • Michele Cloonan (Dean and Professor of Library and Information Science [now emerita])
  • Monica Colon-Aguirre (Assistant Professor)
  • Joel Blanco-Rivera (Assistant Professor)
  • Martha Mahard (Professor of Practice)
  • Laura Saunders (Assistant Professor)
  • Jason Wood (Adjunct Faculty, and College Archivist, Head of Discovery Services, Simmons College)

Google Fusion Tables In-Class Excercise

In-class Google Fusion Tables exercise with Dr. Saeyoung Park’s HIS 382: Science and the Body in East Asia course. The students and I worked together to create a map of all the restaurants in Davidson, North Carolina. The map is still in-progress – I hope to have other students continue to add to and enhance what’s here. See the map here and the spreadsheet here.